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This is the most common form of treatment and can be beneficial to all areas of the body:

Muscles are toned and warmed.  Some postural conditions can be improved.

Bones and joints are nourished and mobility maintained.

Circulatory and lymphatic systems are stimulated to remove toxins and control local temperature.

Lungs benefit from an increase of an interchange of gases.

Skin is kept supple and its appearance improved.

Adipose tissue is softened and fluid is dispersed from the area.

Nerves are stimulated or soothed with different manipulations.

Abdominal organs function more efficiently by increased secretions.

As well as these physical aspects, massage can also help to relax the mind, as the rhythmic motion of the movements causes a semi-sedative effect.  Many of the physical symptoms we experience can be a cause or effect of our mental state; our muscles tense up when we feel stressed, or conversely, we lack mental vitality when your body is not functioning properly.  Massage, therefore can help both our physical and mental well being.

Each individual's requirements from a massage differs, so be sure to inform the therapist if there is any particular area that needs special attention or should be avoided.  Massage can sometimes feel painful in areas that are very tense and although the body will benefit from the deep tissue work that may be carried out, it is also important that the treatment should not be unpleasant; the more tense the body, the less effect massage will have, so do not be afraid to say if you are not comfortable in any way.

See China Rose Price List for choices of time allocation and areas to be treated.



Drink plenty of water to help flush toxins out of the body.

Avoid strenuous activity.


Wash off oil only if irritation occurs.


To avoid possible allergic reactions, only grapeseed oil is used in Swedish massage.



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