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Hot Stone Body Therapy | China Rose Back Treatment

For years, massage has been used to alleviate muscular tension, relax the mind and invigorate the spirit.  Hot Stone Body Therapy takes massage to another level.

Special basalt rocks formed over millions of years from volcanic matter are used in this treatment.  They are heated to a high temperature and incorporated into massage to make the experience stronger.

Hot Stone Body Therapy starts with an all over body brush to stimulate the blood circulation and remove dead skin cells.  A special ayurvedic oil is then chosen according to your personality type and used with the stones to massage the face, scalp and body.  Float away as the heat of the stones soothe and comfort tired, stressed souls and feel invigorated when muscular tension is eased.


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China Rose Back Treatment

Ideal for those hard to reach places that get neglected.  Suitable for all skin types, this treatment is a facial for the back, starting with a cleanse, hot towels, exfoliation, extraction if required, back massage, mask to suit then finished with moisturising.  Whether you suffer from congestion, or perhaps you have a special occasion requiring you to bare your back, this treatment can be taken as a one-off, part of a course or used as regular maintenance.



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