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Aromatherapy is the art and science of using plant oils in treatment.  The most common ways of use are massage and inhalation.  Various parts of plants are used, extracted by different methods to preserve their powerful essences (life force) to treat mind, body and soul.

The essences are very small and volatile.  When they evaporate, they enter the body by the nasal passage and through the skin.  They affect the limbic system (which controls our emotional state of mind) to produce therapeutic effects.   In order to make a good synergistic combination with the effects of massage, the essential oils and the interaction between therapist and client, careful selection and blending of oils is necessary.

Various oils/blends have a host of effects, including emotional, physical and mental.

Sedative                   Analgesic                            Improves mental clarity

Uplifting                    Alleviates colds                  Calming

Soothing                  Antibacterial                        Stimulating

Relieves anxiety     Diuretic

Balancing                Hormonally balancing

Possible effects after treatment include feeling relaxed, sleepy, feeling light-headed or emotional, nausea, tiredness and excessive urination.



Avoid washing the skin, using bath oils and alcohol consumption.

Drink plenty of water.

Have a light meal only.

Relax as much as possible.


Our sense of smell evokes a host of memories and triggers emotions connected to the aromas.  The power of this natural phenomenon means that our noses will pick whatever oils are needed by our bodies at one particular time; each time an aromatherapy treatment is received, oils chosen will be unique to the individual.


Essential oils from Direct Aromatherapy are used for their purity and quality.



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