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SOS Eye Rescue Treatment

On average, our eyes blink around 17,000 times a day.  Is it any wonder they are one of the first tell tale signs of ageing?  This treatment can be used as a quick pick-me-up after a heavy night or used as a course of treatments to combat longer term symptoms of tired, stressed, strained or puffy eyes. 

Cleansing is followed by special massage movements using intensive products to leave eyes feeling refreshed and energised. 

Top Tip

Help yourself by following these guidelines:

Drink plenty of water to keep eyes sparkling.

Remove all traces of eye make up remover thoroughly every night using gentle movements.  

Don't rub your eyes when they feel irritated as this makes them sore.  Blink a few times to combat itchiness with your natural tears.

If you work with computers, move away from the monitor screens regularly to give your eyes a break.

Protect the delicate area by using eyecream - but remember only a rice grain size is necessary and apply by pressing onto the eye socket only as the eyes naturally draw the product in as they blink.  Only use eye products in this area as normal cleansers and moisturisers will be too heavy.

Wear sunglasses to protect from UV rays but only those conforming to BS standards.  Black and grey lenses are the best barriers.

Make sure spectacles are the correct prescription to prevent squinting.

If carrying out close-up work, ensure there is adequate lighting.

Have a regular sleep pattern and don't overindulge in late nights.  Once you have dark circles from lack of sleep, it is very difficult to get rid of them, if at all.


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Eyelash Extensions

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are individual lashes that are attached to your natural lashes to give a longer, fuller look.  They are water resistant and low maintenance.  With top-ups, they can last up to two months, giving your eyes a natural look.  There is no need for  mascara, tinting or perming, although if natural lashes are very fair, it is advisable to have them tinted before extensions are applied.

Rapid Volume Lashes

Ultra fine and easy to wear, RV Lashes add volume and instant impact to all eyelash types.  These pre-fanned extensions are available in different lengths, curls and thicknesses making them suitable for layering to achieve a variety of looks.



Ensure eyelashes remain dry for two hours after application.

Avoid steam, washing with hot water or swimming for 48 hours.

Do not rub the eyes.  Pat dry after washing.

Do not perm or use eyelash curlers.

Only use water-based eye make-up and eye make-up remover.

Mascara should be worn on tips of extensions, not the adhesive areas.


ESD Lash Lift

A natural looking alternative to lash extensions, this treatment enhances, shapes and defines your eyes by giving lashes a lift and adding colour.  Suitable for most lashes.  A patch test must be carried out 24 hours before treatment.


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Dermaco Eye Lift

Using the innovative technology of the Dermaco Pro VX Machine, eyes are revitalised and lifted using the unique micro and faradic current.  Fine lines are reduced and puffiness minimised, giving an instant sparkle to the eyes.


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Thermal Auricular Therapy

A natural alternative to ear-syringing, 'ear candling' dates back thousands of years, believed to have started by Native American Indians but evidently practised by other cultures.

A hollow 'candle' is lit and the other end is inserted into the ear. The heat inside the candle causes a vacuum, which draws up any impurities from inside the ear and gently massages the eardrum. The candle burns until about three inches from the bottom. The other ear is treated and a manual massage follows which helps the clearing effect on the sinus and lymph areas.

Some of the benefits include:

Unblocks compacted or excessive earwax

Relieves sinus congestion/rhinitis. 

Helps reduce ringing in the ear

Combats irritation in the ear 

Increases circulation to the area

Calming and relaxing

It is a completely safe treatment, using candles made of a natural combination of linen, essential oils, herbs and beeswax. Inside the candle, there is a filter to stop any debris from falling back into the ear.



After the treatment, effects may vary from light-headedness, slight itching in the ear, slight headache and some earwax may appear. These are natural responses to the treatment and will help to redress the balance of the pressure inside the ears.

Drink plenty of water.


Avoid putting anything into the ears.

Do not flush ears with water.


BioSun ear candles are used for their quality manufacturing and ingredients.


About Biosun products


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Ear Piercing 

Only 9 carat gold stud earrings are used to minimise allergic reaction and maximise comfort while the healing process takes place.

Please note that adults need to accompany those who require ear piercing but are under sixteen years of age.



Wash your hands before touching the ears.

Clean the pierced area every night with the solution provided or with a diluted antiseptic solution.  

After cleaning, carefully turn the ears in one direction and then the other.  Carefully remove any dry pieces of skin or blood with a cotton bud dipped in diluted antiseptic solution.

Do not change the studs for at least six weeks.  However, to ensure there is minimum risk of future allergy problems, leave the studs in for three months.

Try to wear only earrings made of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum etc.

Avoid wearing very heavy earrings regularly as these pull on the lobe and can stretch the piercing.


Safe, hygienic and effective. System 2000 is used for ear piercing.



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