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The China Rose treatments for the hands and feet are intended to offer you something different.    Well known for their effective formulations, Mavala products and polishes are used for the standard hand and feet treatments.  But for something more luxurious, proto-Col products are incorporated.  For the new Shellac 14-Day Wear treatments, innovative hybrid gel-colours from Creative Nail Design are used.  

N.B. Please bring open-toe shoes for foot treatments or ensure you allow sufficient time for polish to dry before putting shoes on.

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China Rose Luxury Foot and Leg Treatment | China Rose Luxury Hand and Foot Treatment Shellac 14-Day TreatmentsBio-Sculpture Gel Nails.

The Manicure and Pedicure include filing, cuticle work, massage, hard skin removal and polish application.

For those who are short of time, choose the  File & Polish. Nails are filed if necessary, then colour applied.

NEW Vinylux Weekly Polish is used to give seven days of wear.  This self-adhering polish does not need a base coat and its patent pending ProLight technology makes it more durable when exposed to daylight.  The system includes a special Vinylux Topcoat which makes the colour last four times longer than traditional polish.  It is also easy to remove.  With 62 colours in the range, your nails can stay in fashion every week.


China Rose Luxury Hand and Arm Treatment

If your hands are in need of some attention, then this treatment is for you.  Incorporating nail shaping to tidy nails, cuticle work to remove excess skin in the area, exfoliation with proto-Col's sea salt scrub to remove dry skin and moisturise the hands and arms, massage to relax the muscles, nourishing mask to soften and polish application, hands will be left feeling wonderfully nurtured and younger looking.


Aftercare for hands

Protect hands as much as possible - wear gloves when washing up, gardening, decorating or carrying out any activity involving harsh objects/chemicals.

Apply hand cream several times a day.  Keep a tube near the sink to use after washing hands and in your bag for use whilst out.  Massage the cream well into the hands.

Give yourself a mini manicure every week to keep things tidy. 

File nails neatly.  Avoid long talons, rough edges or filing too low down the sides.  The nails will become weak and prone to breaking.

Push the cuticles back gently with a hoof stick or cotton bud after a shower or bath when the skin is soft.

Give your nails a rest from varnish every so often if you regularly wear it.

Use acetone-free nail varnish remover to take off old polish.

Have regular manicures to maintain the look and as a treat for yourself for keeping up the good work.


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China Rose Luxury Foot and Leg Treatment

On average, we take enough steps in one day to walk one to three miles.  This means our feet are taking a lot of beating, when you consider also the effects of them bearing our weight, being forced into ill-fitting shoes and not being able to breathe while stuck in heavy socks and shoes in winter.

This is an intensive treatment for the feet and legs.  Starting with a soothing foot soak in the foot spa, the nails are then shaped and cuticles worked on to tidy the toes.  A fantastic sea salt scrub from proto-Col is then applied to exfoliate and invigorate the skin, followed by a well needed massage using specially blended oils to soothe or invigorate the feet.  A suitable mask is then applied, then nails painted to finish off.


Aftercare for feet

Wear shoes that fit properly.  When buying shoes, try shoes later on in the day if possible.  Your feet will be slightly swollen, allowing you to see the stretch they require. 

Avoid wearing high heels too often.  Your back will invariably suffer from the way high heels throw your body off balance.

Wear natural fabrics (for socks and shoes) if possible.

Alternate between shoes every other day to let them breathe.

There are many products to combat feet problems.  Try the Australian Body Care Hand and Foot Treatment to minimise bacteria that cause odours and help fight fungal infection.

Give yourself a mini pedicure every week by adapting the tips for the hands.  In addition, soak the feet in a bowl of warm water in the winter or cool water in the summer to help with the circulation.

Avoid sitting with ankles or legs crossed as these can cause varicose veins.

Have regular pedicures to maintain the condition of the legs and feet or if you find it hard to reach the necessary places.

Visit a chiropodist/podiatrist if you have any problems with your feet.


For weary hands and feet, choose the combined China Rose Luxury Hand and Foot Treatment.


Shellac 14-Day Treatments from Creative Nail Design is the way forward for nail treatments.  Innovative technology has produced this hybrid gel-colour which has the advantages of fast, easy application and thinness of a nail polish with the long lasting, high gloss finish of a gel.  No chipping or smudging, no time needed for drying but can still be taken off in minutes (using professional products), this is what we've all been waiting for.  100% confidence that your manicure or pedicure will last longer than a standard treatment.  

To care for your Shellac nails, please treat them with respect!  No heavy manual work and apply cuticle oil regularly.


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