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Waxing is a good temporary solution to unwanted hair as it leaves no stubble, does not need to be done on a daily basis and lasts for several weeks.  After continuous treatment, most people find the hair grows back finer and slower.  Australian Body Care's natural tea tree products are used to ensure a hygienic treatment is received and maintained.



After waxing, if possible for 12 hours:

Do not use products (especially perfumed) on the area.

Do not use heat on the area (steam, sauna etc).

Do not expose the skin to sunlight (natural or artificial).

Do not have a shower or bath (unless lukewarm).

Do no wear tight fitting clothes.

In short, leave the skin alone to recover for as long as possible.  Some reaction to waxing is normal, especially for those having the treatment for the first time.  Skin may look blotchy for a little while and some blood spots may be present  but this is the body's natural reaction and need not cause concern unless it continues for over 48 hours, so avoid touching the skin.


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