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Uses highest quality natural ingredients, including their infamous Tea Tree Oil.  In this range is the purest and strongest percentage of tea tree oil available.  It is extracted from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree, containing a precise combination of components to create a skin friendly product.  Tea tree oil has been used for hundreds of years for its antiseptic properties.  Natural and effective, the oil is easily absorbed, non irritating, provides slight pain relief and can help reduce a number of bacteria, fungi and virus present in an infection.

Australian Body Care provides a wide range of products that can be used by all ages, for men and women.  Some of the products available are:

Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser, Peel, Mask.

Shower gel, Skinwash, Cleansing Bar, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hand and Body Lotion.

Deodorant, Femigel, Lip Balm, Spot Stick, Spot Spray, Eye Patches.

Hand and Foot Treatment.

Tea Tree Oil.


The Terracotta Pharmacy range and Ketsugo products can be purchased in selected chemists.


Top Tip

Carry a small bottle of Tea Tree Oil with you for every eventuality.  Some of the ways it can be used are:

On insect bites and stings.

Minor irritations.

Soothing sunburn.

Calming spots.

Dilute as mouthwash.

Athlete's foot and other fungal infection.

Nappy rash.

Treating headlice.

Prevention of fleas.


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This range of nail enhancement was developed with the intention of a product  that could be applied over natural nails, extensions or tips, won't chip, or wear away at the edges, be shiny, flexible, hard and give protection as well as a neat appearance.  And Bio-Sculpture gels do just that.  

They are a healthier alternative to other methods of nail enhancement.  

There is no dust, odour or fumes.  

The ingredients in the products and the way they are applied means they are fast and clean to apply.  

Yet they give a strong and natural finish but are flexible and thin to replicate a good nail.  

The colour is in the actual gel so dries instantly once it's cured, so won't smudge and there is no chipping.  

They let your natural nails grow and are easy to maintain or soak off.

The method is also compatible with other systems.


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Originally starting with the production of ear candles, Biosun has continued to expand its range of products to include essential oil blends and their Energetic creams, which contain active minerals, electrolytes and vitamin E.  Biosun uses organic herbs and wild crafted herbs in its ingredients whenever possible and this philosophy is reflected in the ear candles.

The candles are a combination of organic linen, bee's wax, honey extract, St John's Wort, chamomile, sage and pure essential oils.  This makes them natural and safe to use in the delicate area of the ears.


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Developing pioneering products since 1979, CND has used science to come up with leading products to enhance nail beauty.  For more information visit their website


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The wonderful properties of apricot kernel oil is at the centre of this natural skincare range which dates back to the late 1950s.  Combined with advanced scientific technology, proven formulations effective in high performance anti ageing skincare have been produced.  The rang includes the following collections:

Nutri-Rich - The essence of the Nutrimetics range consisting of oils and balms with regenerating properties due to its abundance of vitamin A.

Heritage - A maintenance range with fifty botanical extracts as well as apricot kernel oil to nourish, protect and preserve.

Restore - Containing an active complex made up of grapeseed extract, vitamin c concentrate and peptides, this collection helps to protect skin from premature ageing while boosting collagen production and reducing melanin formation.

Comfort - Highly compatible with highly sensitive range, this collection will soothe, strengthen and nourish.

Clear - For those with problem skins, the mineralized zinc in this collection of products will help regulate oil production without compromising the skin's hydration.

Ultra Care Serums - This collection consists of intensive products to give your skin an extra helping hand in maintaining its youth and suppleness.


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Some unique products have been developed by this company in the form of manicure and pedicure scrubs.  Designed to be used as  do-it-yourself treatments, the scrubs contain natural Dead Sea salts, nourishing base oils and top quality essential oils.  Rosemary, orange and peppermint are used for the manicure scrub while lavender, capsicum, tea tree and lemongrass are used for the pedicure scrub.

These products are made to be used at home by massaging the salts into the skin and allowing the oils to do their work.  However, they are incorporated into the hand and foot treatments to make them more luxurious.

As well as these great scrubs, there is one for the body.  Proto-Col also has a range of collagen capsules and skincare products.


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Sterex are the leaders in electrolysis equipment and training.  They provide a range of products and services to ensure treatments are safe, effective and hygienic.  Having passed stringent testing, the company is Quality Assured, having obtained EN46002, ISO9002 and ISO13488.

Sterex products are used throughout the electrolysis treatments, from cleansing procedures to treatment equipment to aftercare.


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