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These are created from special ingredients to give a solution to many nail problems.  More gentle than other methods of nail enhancement, gels are fast becoming the first choice whether for those with weak, hard to grow nails or those with nails in good condition but want definition.



Ideal for special occasions when nails have to look perfect without any chips

Permanent colour

Dries instantly

Allows natural nails to grow

Durable but flexible and natural looking

No dust or odours



Treat your gels as normal nail varnish.  Although they will be dry instantly, be careful with them for a few hours to let them settle in.  Do not carry out heavy work.

To prolong the life of the gels and to allow your natural nails to grow underneath, do not use your nails as an opening tool, do not flick or drum fingernails and only tap with your fingerpads when typing.

If any edges lift, do not be tempted to pick them as this may cause damage to your natural nail plate.  If you have aftercare products, file gently to taper the lifting edge and apply Top Coat. 

To apply matching nail colour to grown out areas, remove the Top Coat with non-acetone nail varnish remover, gently file the top layer of the gel, remove any dust, then paint on two coats of the colour.  Seal with Top Coat.

You may apply a different nail varnish on top of your gels, preferably one from the Bio-Sculpture range to minimise reaction between the two products.  Remove the Top Coat with non-acetone nail varnish remover then apply the temporary colour and seal with Top Coat.  To remove the temporary colour, again use non-acetone nail varnish remover, then apply Top Coat to the original gel to maintain the shine. 


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