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One of the main benefits of this treatment is to encourage the use of massage in everyday life and to promote its continual use into later years.  The parent is shown on a one-to-one basis how to massage their child.  This is ideally carried out from when the child is three months old.  The earlier massage begins, the more beneficial it is for the adult and child.  However, treatment should not be carried out if any infant inoculations are still outstanding.


Other benefits include:

Improvement of blood circulation in turn improving skin tone and softening the skin.

Stimulates the lymphatic system, toxins are removed and baby's immunity to illness is strengthened.

Nerves are stimulated to be more efficient.

General metabolism  is boosted to speed up healing processes.

Tones muscles and mobilises joints.

Relieves colic and intestinal problems.

Promotes and instills regular pattern of sleep.

Promotes awareness of own body in later years.

Bonding between parent and child.


This treatment focuses on the parent learning how to massage the child.  It is therefore recommended it is carried out at home at a regular time, no sooner than three hours after feeding.  The child will learn to recognise the routine and become automatically become calm and relaxed to receive the massage.


Please ensure the baby has had the six week checkup and had all clear from medical professional before carrying out treatment.

Babies should not have had a feed an hour before treatment.

At least seven days should be allowed from inoculation to time of treatment.



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